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YOU'LL WIN MORE ARGUMENTS NEXT time you score points off your partner in a verbal battle of wills, Worriers |suited to you can thank your inner worrywart.
Cognitive and personality characteristics of worriers.
Worriers believe that simply having a thought--"I might fail"--means that they should wont about it.
I could easily put forward the theory that this dreadful event turned me into a worrier.
So what does it mean for a worrier to seek the kingdom of God?
Worriers often become concerned and anxious unnecessarily and begin to procrastinate when dealing with something that they are worried about, Dr John said.
Nothing worries the horse - he's playful but he's not a worrier, as such," Balding said.
Q My husband has a heart condition and is a chronic worrier.
I'm a very positive person but a huge worrier and never take anything for granted, and I think I'd be an even bigger worrier if I moved to London.
THE WORRIER You're most likely to be found queuing in the GP's surgery because you want to check out whether your cold is something more serious.
I'm not a worrier (apart from the big stuff of course: my health, the health of those I love, will Russell Crowe ever make a sequel to Gladiator, that sort of thing).
It is something I have always wanted to do, I am not a worrier - I let things go over my head.