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Worriers spend more time playing out past and future events in their minds, so they're more likely to remember conversations and details better.
Peshawar Lions won second position with 55 points and Peshawar Worriers remained at third with 40 points.
Covonia found four types of sufferers: martyrs, complainers, worriers and non-believers.
The definition of being a teenager is to be a worrier.
gt;> You're most likely to be a worrier if you're a teen, aged 16-19.
The workbook is structured in a journal style with lined pages for the worrier to fill in Date, Worry, Woe-Is-Me Rating, and Next Ball.
Worriers believe that simply having a thought--"I might fail"--means that they should wont about it.
What was once referred to as 'suffering with your nerves' has become an ailment that leads 21% of worriers to think about seeking medical advice.
Horn recommends that worriers focus on issues that they can address.
The G7's current account worriers, a lot of them European, went ballistic.
Some people are chronic worriers and because worry is always concerned with the future, their emotions are continually simmering.
But the road worriers have recently emerged as road warriors.