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In a penalty each penalty kicks Thana Worries converted all five attempts but College XI missed a target and thus Thana Worries won the match by 7-6.
Visualization--picturing yourself in a peaceful place where worries are far away and gently forcing your mind to return to the image each time worries intrude--can also help you doze off.
Carrying debt does not, by itself, appear to have much of an impact on Americans' financial worries.
Ask yourself, How many times have I been right about my worries in the past?
One who worries over day-to-day problems instead of solving them to one's satisfaction, makes friendship with 'Sorry'.
Going beyond our list, they wrote in worries about the future and the huge national debt.
At the same time, 53 per cent of people claimed their finances were one of their top three worries, with the economic downturn and higher taxes also major sources of concern.
I recommend readers get both "Chew on Things" and the "Chew on Things Workbook for Fellow Worriers" for a complete collection of fun quotes and readings about a dog, his owner, and his worries.
Mr Hodson advises: "Talking your worries through with someone - whether a friend, family or a professional - can be an enormous help and help people put things into perspective.
Since most worries never come true, worries often are forced to admit, 'I can't recall what I was worried about.
The authors explored four research questions: (1)What are the worries of the oldest-old?
Moreover, fears and worries are reportedly prevalent during this period of development and tend to follow age and gender patterns that appear to fluctuate across time.