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Banking executives have advised investors that loans to oil and gas companies could worsen in the coming days.
He said the power crisis will further worsen in the coming days due to circular debt which was getting out of hand.
The majority anticipate their financial wellbeing will worsen or stagnate.
Firms that expected profits to increase totalled 58 per cent, stay the same 29 per cent, to worsen 13 per cent
Cellulite is not specific to overweight people, but excess weight may worsen the condition.
Asymptomatic EAH is a contraindication for the administration of intravenous normal saline, which can worsen the degree of hyponatremia and fluid overload in some cases.
Learn what to do if your asthma symptoms begin to worsen.
Bush's advisers fought among themselves about the tax proposals, which were skewed toward the rich and would worsen the Federal deficit.
What may start off as mild discomfort in the foot and shin may worsen to the point where the dancer must take six weeks off.
If your child's behavior improves after several weeks, add back foods, one at a time, until you find ones that worsen your child's behavior.
This evaluation is especially important since psychostimulant medications, often prescribed for ADHD, may worsen manic symptoms.
But Stratford District Council threw out the application after deciding the extension wouldn't look attractive and would worsen the town's flooding problems.