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To our knowledge, this is the first report of a biological marker of allergic sensitization (allergen-specific IgE) predicting worsening in depressive symptoms during the high pollen season," Dr.
This study suggests, for the first time, a link between worsening suicidality and specific changes in brain function while on these medications.
At the end of June 2008, 7 percent of the respondents reported that their home situation was improving, while 58 percent said that things were worsening.
This increase is occurring despite a rise in the number of small businesses reporting worsening credit-card terms.
The analysis of worsening liver damage involved 3567 people with HIV and HCV.
Of the five who continued on an EDDA, one showed improvement in the cardiovascular condition, one showed no change, and three showed worsening of their condition.
Paradoxically, vitamin B12 concentrations increased with worsening functional and laboratory measures of CHF, while weak associations were also found for increases of vitamin B12 concentrations and worsening clinical classification of heart failure.
Worsening depression is associated with worsening heart failure symptoms and decreased activity.
As the severity of EAH progresses, more serious signs and symptoms can develop as a result of worsening cerebral edema (brain swelling), including altered mental status (confusion, disorientation, and agitation), seizures, respiratory distress (pulmonary edema), obtundation, coma and death (7,23,25-27,33,34,36,43,45,46,48,53-56).
Monitor your asthma daily and learn how to recognize early warning signs that your symptoms are worsening.
I think you may continue to run vigorously without fear of worsening the degenerative arthritis of your spine, and you will even likely slow the progression of the condition.
After 3 years of conservative medical therapy (a low-salt diet and a diuretic), the patient returned with worsening vertigo and drop attacks.