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These people now have the option to continue with Avastin plus a new chemotherapy after their cancer worsens, which may help them live longer than changing to the new chemotherapy alone.
However, in athletes with high sweat sodium concentrations (>100 mmol/L) (63) or high urinary sodium losses from inappropriate AVP secretion and water retention (>400 mOsm/L) (22,23,46) sodium losses may play a secondary role in the pathogenesis of EAH by either of two potential mechanisms: 1) hypovolemia produced by losses of sodium and water from sweating can act as a stimulus to AVP secretion, producing a secondary retention of water, as is seen medically in some cases of diuretic-induced hyponatremia (64); 2) sodium losses themselves can worsen the degree of hyponatremia, although in most cases not nearly as much as water retention (20) when summed up over time.
Health care providers should carefully evaluate patients in whom depression persistently worsens, or emergent suicidality is severe, abrupt in onset, or was not part of the presenting symptoms, to determine what intervention, including discontinuing or modifying the current drug therapy, is indicated.
Dancers should see their doctors if their injury worsens or if they want to take the medications beyond that time.
The authors report that this nonhabituating behavior worsens with age, as they are more pronounced in 4-month-old mice than in 2-month-old mice.
Generally, if just a tenth of one degree worsens symptoms, improvement occurs with an equivalent lowering.