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WORSHIP. The honor and homage rendered to the Creator.
     2. In the United States, this is free, every one being at liberty to worship God according to the dictates of his conscience. Vide Christianity; Religious test.

WORSHIP, Eng. law. A title or addition given to certain persons. 2 Inst. 666; Bac. Ab. Misnomer, A 2.

References in classic literature ?
Welcome," repeated the fiend worshippers, in one cry of despair and triumph.
The agency said the fire started when the veil of a female worshipper caught the flames of a kerosene heater on the upper floor of the mosque.
The University of Leicester research found that people who are classed as celebrity worshippers could be divided into three distinct categories, depending on the extent of their interest in a particular famous person - the entertainment-social celebrity worshipper, the intense-personal worshipper and the borderline-pathological worshipper.
Stephen Goddard, co-editor of the Christian website Ship of Fools, and founder of the concept of Mystery Worshipper, said they were working with Christian Research on the initiative.
Cars were parked as far as Lamcy Plaza and on the dirt road behind Wafi and Citi-bank and worshippers preferred to walk to Saint Mary's and Trinity churches.
The 250-seat brick church can no longer accommodate the nearly 3,000 worshippers who flock there even though seven Masses are celebrated every Sunday.
6 million worshippers, Finance Minister Ibrahim Al-Assaf announced yesterday.
4 (Petra) -- Israeli police have deployed in force around Al Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem's old city, besieging hundreds of Muslim worshippers inside and barring Palestinians from the compound.
More than 12,000 metres of tablecloth are stretched daily for iftar along the Mosque area for worshippers to end their fast.
JEDDAH: Worshippers at a mosque in Hail had to offer regular prayer on Friday noon instead of the weekly Friday prayer because the imam in Al-Borj failed to show up.
In light of the intelligence we received about the intention of the Palestinian youths to disturb the peace at Friday prayers on Temple Mount, it was decided to limit the age of Muslim worshippers," claimed a police statement, using the Hebrew term for Al-Aqsa holy mosque.
15 (BNA): Israeli occupation forces smashed the frontal facade gates of the historic mosque during brutal attack by these forces onto the holy Al Aqsa Mosque through Bab Al Maghariba assaulting worshippers.