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Sad enough; but it is unavoidable that we should look on the worthiest aims and hopes of the man of the present day with ill-concealed amusement, and perhaps should no longer look at them.
Worthiest of all possible Gilmores, I meant no offence.
While Hard-Heart himself, so distinguished for his exploits from boyhood to that hour, was unanimously proclaimed and re-proclaimed the worthiest chief and the stoutest brave that the Wahcondah had ever bestowed on his most favoured children, the Pawnees of the Loup.
The Marchioness is a Genie, and having had a wager with another Genie about who is the handsomest young man alive, and the worthiest to be the husband of the Princess of China, has brought me away, room and all, to compare us together.
Alapag wound up with 18 points in the worthiest game of his comeback, with Cliff Hodge shooting 17 that went with 10 rebounds.
It wasn't a joke, either: It offered a challenge as profound and irrevocable as a knight flinging down a gauntlet to engage the worthiest of his opponents in a match.
We are confident that Al Jalila Foundation will direct funds raised to homegrown research and the worthiest of initiatives through their partnership with Brest Friends .
Beside Quran, the sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) are the most important and worthiest treasure of Islamic learning.
De Vulgari Eloquentia is an extended argument for the discovery and use of a vernacular language which is capable of treating the worthiest topics in a manner appropriate to them.
Since then, I have been donating whatever I can to the worthiest organization.
Alviro Petersen is reportedly the worthiest candidate amongst the remaining to assume seniority in the cordon and also AB de Villiers could be considered for slip duty, given his fast reflexes and athleticism.
Topgay's medal was an honour conferred by the Himalayan Club since 1939 on the worthiest of Sherpas, to recognize outstanding service rendered during climbing expeditions (figure 4).