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2 per cent was Tracy Gill on her improving stallion Worthily.
The AFC, and in particular its leadership, should strictly follow the Fifa Code of Ethics, which states that officials shall represent Fifa, the confederations, associations, leagues and clubs honestly, worthily, respectably, and with integrity," the letter said.
Worthily shortlisted were singer Katie Doherty, photographer Paul Knox and Indian classical dance specialist Nikita Asher, each of them already making a splash in their chosen fields.
The care of these sick and suffering and helpless ones is deputed to us; and must we not strive to carry out our duty as worthily as possible, and to that end, to study ever the best methods, to learn the new means which science is ever evolving for the relief of pain and disease?
This is a tremendous undertaking that has been worthily carried out.
Human stories that shed light on part of the world that, when we are cocooned in our everyday world of getting through life and paying the bills, sometimes we don't have the opportunity or time to look outside of it," he adds, worthily.
Torkhov participated many times in international scientific conferences, at which he worthily presented developments of the E.
Could opposing parties commune worthily if they did not hold true doctrine?
Ebbw VALE's third successive victory was worthily gained as the try-count of 4-1 in their favour showed.
MUSLINETTE hides the synonyms SILENT and MUTE; BAPTISE hides the antonyms TIP and BASE; WORTHILY hides the phrase HOLY WRIT, and so on.