worthless check

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That may be gauged when I confess that this was how the matter stood on the night I gave a worthless check for my losses at baccarat, and afterward turned to Raffles in my need.
These case filings include criminal misdemeanor, county civil (including small claims and landlord-tenant), violations of county or municipal ordinances, DUI, and other criminal traffic cases; they do not include worthless check cases.
Admitted to practice: 1988) In June 1998, Wells was convicted of issuing two worthless checks in the amount of $150 or more.
BEIRUT: The government body responsible for distributing aid money to people whose property was damaged in the 2006 summer war with Israel has denied issuing worthless checks to victims.
The 33-year-old was charged with First-Degree Murder of a Police Officer, Illegal Use of a Weapon, Disarming a Police Officer, Armed Robbery, Theft, Issuing Worthless Checks, and Attempted First-Degree Murder (two counts).
Embezzlement, confidence games, forgery, worthless checks, etc.
Even worse, we were forced to give them worthless checks that couldn't be cashed.
Involvement in Teen Court and mock trials, speaking on subjects such as juvenile prosecutions and programs, theft, weapons, homicides, search and seizure, the legal profession, computer crimes, sexual assaults, domestic violence, drugs, DUI, career criminals, worthless checks, consumer fraud, consequences of crime, and the criminal justice system to high school classes and senior and civic groups have been well received by the community.
1) According to the Notice, Espiritu knowingly deposited worthless checks into her account at the Bank.
I don't have cases like worthless checks, simple possession of marijuana or petty theft," says Linda Tabb, correctional probation specialist at the Clearwater, Fla.
2 million worthless checks are accepted for payment every day.
Example: Candidate A was convicted of writing worthless checks and given a 90 day jail sentence 10 years ago, which is not common knowledge.