worthless person

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Thus one person has often the custody of the prisoner's body, while another sees the sentence against him executed, as the eleven did at Athens: for which reason it is prudent to separate these offices, and to give great attention thereunto as equally necessary with anything we have already mentioned; for it will certainly happen that men of character will decline accepting this office, and worthless persons cannot properly be entrusted with it, as having themselves rather an occasion for a guard than being qualified to guard others.
As for what you've alluded to in my letter, be so good as to point out one word of falsehood, show, that is, that you didn't throw away your money, and that there are not worthless persons in that family, however unfortunate.
And if it does work, what happens if you use it and, upon opening your lover's eyes, he or she falls in love with the ugliest, stupidest, laziest and most worthless person - are you ready to face the consequences?
It's an extreme feeling like all hopes in life are gone, and you are forced to believe that you are a worthless person who thinks and feels that life is no longer worth living, thus the drive to end life.
The Collins English dictionary defines meff as i) a tramp, ii) a stupid or worthless person.
It can also mean a wretch, scoundrel or worthless person.
Exaggerated, catastrophic, and negative appraisals may be described, such as "I am a totally worthless person now," "The world is a dangerous place," or "1 can't stop bad things from happening to me.
Feelings of sadness, hopelessness * Loss of interest in formerly enjoyable activities, including sex * A sense that life is not worth living or that there is nothing to look forward to * Feelings of excessive guilt, or a feeling that one is a worthless person * Slowed or agitated movements (not in response to discomfort) * Recurrent thoughts of dying or of ending one's own life, with or without a specific plan * Significant, unintentional weight loss and decrease in appetite; or, less commonly, weight gain and increase in appetite * Insomnia or excessive sleeping * Fatigue and loss of energy * A diminished ability to think, concentrate, or make decisions * Physical symptoms of anxiety, including dry mouth, cramps, diarrhea, and sweating
She did very well in her GCSEs and danced at a high level, yet still feels she's a worthless person with nothing to offer.
In his "Capitolo in Lode Del Dappoco," a facetious tribute to the worthless person, the painter Agnolo Bronzino (1503-72) muses to his cat Corimbo about how he likes to spend his evenings: "Tu sai Corimbo, che tal volta io leggo/cosi nel letto, per adormentarmi,/o quando, com'or teco al fuoco seggo;/e hai veduto anche scombiccherarmi/qualche foglio e compor qualche cosetta/per passar tempo e '1 cervel ricriarmi (You know Corimbo that I read like this in bed in order to fall asleep, or when as now, I sit with you at the fire; and you have seen me scribbling on some papers and composing some little thing in order to pass the time and refresh my mind) ("Capitolo in lode del dappoco," 37-42).
The young woman marries her brother's friend, and her cousin is exposed as the worthless person he is.
One, never having had a sexual relationship, still says, "Deep inside I know that I'm a worthless person because the church's view of homosexuality has told me so over and over again.