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It is this worthlessness that many spend their entire lives evading because it is so painful and a significant number find the solution to their pain in addiction.
Worthlessness can be established when the taxpayer sues the debtor, wins a judgment, and then shows the judgment is uncollectible.
Tammy experienced further betrayal and feelings of worthlessness, suffering from additional assaults on her young body.
In similar ways, action research works to eradicate oppression, powerlessness and worthlessness by affirming solidarity with the oppressed, helping humans move from passive to active and by fundamentally reshaping power.
Under those circumstances, abandonment or worthlessness may be the most effective grounds for claiming a loss deduction.
It says the "closed finger and thumb" gesture used by Britons to indicate something is good, is offensive to the French as they use the same gesture to signify worthlessness.
But a troubled childhood with an overbearing father and a timid mother have left him with a feeling of worthlessness.
Symptoms of depression include feelings of hopelessness, sadness, worthlessness and anxiety; loss of interest in once-pleasurable activities; changes in appetite and sleep habits; restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and making decisions; difficulty concentrating; and thoughts of suicide.
Your husband feels a sense of worthlessness and you should encourage him out of this way of thinking.
A FINANCIAL adviser haunted by feelings of worthlessness jumped more than 60 feet to his death, an inquest heard.
These will check if the patient has, in the last month, been bothered by feelings of worthlessness, poor concentration or thoughts of death.