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But it had the biggest net worth among the country's cities at P37.
65 billion, but this was offset by its liabilities worth P14.
President Duterte's hometown Davao City ranked 14th, with a net worth of P4.
Malolos City, the capital of Bulacan, had the lowest net worth of P214 million.
Among municipalities, Cainta, Rizal, had the highest net worth of P1.
The number of high net worth individuals is also expected to increase over the next five years and at a higher rate than the number of mass affluents.
Mexico lacks high net worth investors with entrepreneurial objectives
It identifies innovations in high net worth lending that can be adopted to fit your business model and presents the key conclusions to help you decide whether high net worth lending is right for you.
High net worth clients get into the property investment market mainly for defensive reasons
But asset managers expect high net worth investors to become more important as a customer group in the property investments sector
A lack of understanding among potential high net worth clients is preventing stronger growth
Worth Sports(R) is a leading marketer and manufacturer of softball and baseball equipment.