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Two things are of interest here: The first is that any group of academics and their calling may be in danger of being downgraded or of extinction at any time depending on the mood and perception of worthwhileness or relevance by the dominant interests in society.
Since my retirement, I have been freed to indulge more fully my optimism, if I may call it that, regarding the worthwhileness of the seemingly useless.
Emanuel Gamoran, a leading figure in Reform education, wrote in 1952 that Jewish schools must provide students with "[a] sense of pyschological security in [their] Jewishness--a feeling of worthwhileness.
But one proof of the worthwhileness of this enterprise is its riskiness.
But only if we renounce the idea that what justifies action is the certainty of victory, rather than its mere possibility and intrinsic worthwhileness.
A study of the latest trends on teaching in higher education provides data on the worthwhileness of each chosen objective for university students to attain.
400--that God is "the sum of all those factors in relationships in the universe that make for unity, creativity and worthwhileness in human life.
Every one of them has some ridiculous trait; each has some dignity or aspiration, some essential human worthwhileness.
In any case, it is necessary to outline the character of this experience before we can make out a case for it in terms of its possibility and worthwhileness.
James Lindemann Nelson, for example, argues that if parents of three children chose to end a pregnancy that would have produced a fourth child, such parents would not be making a statement about the worthwhileness of other families with four children, or about the worth of fourth-born children as human beings.
It provides an assessment of the effectiveness with which resources have been employed and the worthwhileness of investing in the business.