worthy of imitation

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But as this tract is put forth merely as a history, or, if you will, as a tale, in which, amid some examples worthy of imitation, there will be found, perhaps, as many more which it were advisable not to follow, I hope it will prove useful to some without being hurtful to any, and that my openness will find some favor with all.
Limbaugh remains a frightened, comical figure while Price has made a uniquely admirable decision to share the wealth of his company - something worthy of imitation, not scorn.
He also wants to underline continuously that, in his view, the West is not as good and worthy of imitation as it claims to be.
The Church will declare the popes who left an indelible mark on Catholicism led lives of holiness and are worthy of imitation by the faithful.
As a former hospital board chair and leadership consultant, I have advised clients and colleagues who are given significant responsibility to learn what kinds of actions not to replicate as well as what actions are worthy of imitation.
Pinterest users have capitalized on vanity potential, posting hundreds of images showcasing beautiful bathroom inspiration worthy of imitation.
Luke's Mary is worthy of imitation not because of her special selection by God, but because she always acts on what she hears.
More effectively than Mennonite theologians and historians have ever done, these writers expose the central problem of reading the Martyrs Mirror in contemporary North America: the sixteenth-century martyrs, deemed by van Braght to be worthy of imitation, are themselves inimitable, not just in the sense of being matchless in their conviction, but also in the sense of living their days in an intensely hostile environment (e.
He said the state government's has used the World Bank aided loan to bring a renovation to the slums in Akure, and this mission was highly appreciable and worthy of imitation by other states.
While it may be uncontroversial that for a Buddhist, a buddha's conduct is that than which no better exemplar can be found, it may not be entirely obvious just what it is about buddhas that makes their conduct so worthy of imitation.
These extraordinary models and legendary icons of modern fashion interpret an intriguing play of styles temptingly worthy of imitation.
Further, our first president, George Washington, in a letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport, Rhode Island, in 1790, wrote: "The citizens of the United States of America have a right to applaud themselves for having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy--a policy worthy of imitation.