worthy of notice

References in classic literature ?
These are the principal parts and most worthy of notice in Hippodamus's plan.
And as this point is worthy of notice, and to be imitated by others, I am not willing to leave it out.
The next date worthy of notice is Sunday the fourth of June.
As he passed, this person exchanged a cold and distant salutation with Baglioni, but fixed his eyes upon Giovanni with an intentness that seemed to bring out whatever was within him worthy of notice.
While the last chapter may be the most spectacular, it is not the only one worthy of notice.
It is gratifying to have our focus on emerging technologies, such as cloud computing and mobility, not only transform our clients' businesses, but be worthy of notice by industry media.
It is as if some commentators were less impressed by what is Irish only, or else that the very fact of our games being amateur means that they are less worthy of notice.
One MISMO leader recently sent this message out to the Governance Committee: "I think it is worthy of notice that the new requirements for ULDD (Uniform Loan Data Delivery) announced by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac yesterday will be easily implemented within [my company's] interface middleware with virtually no changes, due to our adoption of the Version 3 message architecture.
This in itself is a feat worthy of notice, one that Butler pulls off with grace despite some jarring cliches.
This unique story involving little more than 20,000 people concentrated in the Vistula-Nogat Delta between Danzig and Elbing, hardly worthy of notice in most histories of the period, is so smoothly integrated into the regional and national story that the book's importance goes far beyond the parochial destiny of a few thousand families and acquires significance in the larger historiography of Prussia and modern Germany.
Worthy of notice is that although the signal was lost due to an obstacle, it was very quickly re-acquired as soon as the satellite was again visible to the vehicle, showing the behaviour of the electronic tracking and of the algorithms used.
The result was that only work that embodied fossilized cultural myths could be deemed worthy of notice.