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The guidebook for newly-weds or would-be couples emanates from the SCW's keenness on solving problems which may face newly-married couples which might result in divorce which is a habit that springs from lack of awareness regarding the rights and obligations of both partners.
An Assembly insider said: "It is offensive that this would-be Plaid councillor made sick jokes about a tragedy in which a woman was murdered and two others shot, particularly when a manhunt was still going on.
PUL-KHUMRI (PAN): A would-be suicide bomber along with three accomplices have been arrested by security forces in Baghlan, an official said on Tuesday, in the first-ever incident of its kind in the northern province.
AS one of the people who originally protested against the construction of a roundabout on the A174 (from the A19 to Thornaby Road), I am shocked to see that former MP Dari Taylor and her entourage of would-be councillors are trying to get residents to sign a petition against the roundabout.
Security guards have killed would-be suicide bombers who apparently targeted the office of a US-linked aid group in southern Afghanistan.
The South West Norfolk Conservative Association staged a meeting in Swaffham, Norfolk, to discuss the future of the would-be Conservative MP.
trying to tell would-be jokes then waiting for an audience reaction, always interrupting the judges and reminding us of his 80-odd years.
to cancel a scheduled Niigata Prefecture-bound run, affecting some 500 would-be passengers, JR East officials said.
In stating this, can I suggest that the council is merely throwing down a gauntlet to the would-be vandals and inviting them to "come and have a go"?
As would-be travellers fork out for this chaos, the Chancellor of the Exchequer must be rubbing his hands with glee at these 'penalty' windfalls.
Binkley to have the audience on all sides of the action -- is the stomping ground for a world of hustlers, generals, revolutionaries, would-be actors, drag queens, beauty queens and penitents.
Clarke writes about the would-be feud between Booker T.
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