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IRRIGATION. The act of wetting or moistening the ground by artificial means.
     2. The owner of land over which there is a current stream, is, as such, the proprietor of the current. 4 Mason's R. 400. It seems the riparian proprietor may avail himself of the river for irrigation, provided the river be not thereby materially lessened, and the water absorbed be imperceptible or trifling. Ang. W. C. 34; and vide 1 Root's R. 535; 8 Greenl. R. 266; 2 Conn. R. 584; 2 Swift's Syst. 87; 7 Mass. R. 136; 13 Mass. R. 420; 1 Swift's Dig. 111; 5 Pick. R. 175; 9 Pick. 59; 6 Bing. R. 379; 5 Esp. R. 56; 2 Conn. R. 584; Ham. N. P. 199; 2 Chit. Bl. Com. 403, n. 7; 22 Vin. Ab. 525; 1 Vin. Ab. 657; Bac. Ab. Action on the case, F. The French law coincides with our own. 1 Lois des Batimens, sect. 1, art. 3, page 21.

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Pneumoretroperitoneum secondary to hydrogen peroxide wound irrigations.
Continuous wound irrigation with ropivacaine or diclofenac after cesarean: immediate and delayed benefits.
Until the present study actual comparisons between warmed and room temperature saline for wound irrigation have not been addressed.
Braun) said today healthcare professionals can now place orders for Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution and Gel with PHMB (Polyhexanide), a solution used for cleaning wounds as well as moistening and lubricating absorbent wound dressings.
NHS Supply Chain is seeking to establish a Framework Agreement for the procurement of products used for the cleansing disinfection and care of both patients~ and clinicians~ skin (and mucuous membranes) which also include related antiseptic products for use in surgical ward and community settings including but not limited to: surgical scrub solutions body wash antiseptic skin preparation solutions nail varnish remover shampoo antiseptic dusting powder antiseptic mouth wash soap hand rubs moisturisers paraffin wound irrigation fluids catheter lube disposable wipes and washcloths.
These consist of single molecule and combination HFA respiratory inhalants, non-CFC propelled oral sprays for cardiovascular ailments, wound irrigation and cleansing sprays utilizing a novel barrier technology, and anti-inflammatory nasal pumps.
Genetic Laboratories' extensive line of wound closure strips and specialty catheter fasteners, together with its recently introduced wound irrigation system, represent important synergistic additions to our expanding line of wound care products.