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Woven composites are typically draped onto more or less complex surfaces to produce structural parts.
Why cannot hearing also be expressed in a woven cloth?
Because the copolymer outside melts at a lower temperature (266 F) than the homopolymer core (356 F), PURE allows an all-PP woven composite to be formed directly into parts by using heat and pressure to fuse the outer layers without losing the orientation in the core.
Navaho beliefs, traditions, and rituals are woven throughout the story line, and readers, as well as Crystal, gain an appreciation for the traditional ways of her people.
Merchants falsely described tapestries as the work of Brussels until guild regulations required that the marks of the city and weaver be woven into hangings.
And for those who become inspired to try their hand at the craft, the gallery is giving visitors the opportunity to produce a variety of traditional and non-traditional woven forms, based on the pieces featured in the exhibition.
As Capel's Navajo weaving project manager, Begay-Foss has worked directly with the Navajo weavers in New Mexico who are hand-weaving 10 of the original Woven Spirits designs, which she first presented at the Atlanta Area Rug Market in January.
To begin this lesson, show students overheads of woven fabrics and tapestries, and discuss weaving terms.
The EuroVeil shadecloth is a thinner, lighter, technologically advanced woven FR vinyl developed to satisfy the highest technical and aesthetic standards.
While continuing to farm the barren soil, they took advantage of the economic opportunity offered by the growing demand for woven cloth to become small-scale independent craftsmen; sometimes they combined these activities with odd jobs like gooseherding or schoolteaching.
When done, glue the woven product onto card stock (a heavier paper - poster paper).
Traditionally used in apparel and interior fabrics, woven textiles are increasingly being employed in a variety of technical applications.