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RACK, punishments. An engine with which to torture a supposed criminal, in order to extort a confession of his supposed crime, and the names of his supposed accomplices. Unknown in the United States.
     2. This instrument, known by the nickname of the Duke of Exeter's daughter, was in use in England. Barr. on the Stat. 866 12 S. & R. 227.

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7 Northridge earthquake last January wracked up a bill of more than $15 billion in damages, the toll of future tremors in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Tokyo could reach 10 to 100 times higher, according to a new estimate.
In the summer of 1915, a young Jewish beauty falls in love with a French Catholic, wracked by the knowledge that her family will never approve of the marriage; years later, her daughter is about to take the vows of a Carmelite nun, yet Hitler's reign of terror threatens her family.