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Parallel to this slunk Numa, while above him Tarzan moved through the trees, the shadow of a wraith.
And leap by leap, like some pale frost wraith, the snowshoe rabbit flashed on ahead.
Buck did not know of this, and as he rounded the bend, the frost wraith of a rabbit still flitting before him, he saw another and larger frost wraith leap from the overhanging bank into the immediate path of the rabbit.
Then he stole across the tiny meadow, pausing once and again to listen, and faded away out of the canyon like a wraith, soft-footed and without sound.
I heard her singing, her or her wraith," he swore afterwards.
Unlike man, whose gods are of the unseen and the overguessed, vapours and mists of fancy eluding the garmenture of reality, wandering wraiths of desired goodness and power, intangible out-croppings of self into the realm of spirit--unlike man, the wolf and the wild dog that have come in to the fire find their gods in the living flesh, solid to the touch, occupying earth-space and requiring time for the accomplishment of their ends and their existence.
Look at them, all the sad wraiths of sad mad men and passionate rebels-- your Schopenhauers, your Strindbergs, your Tolstois and Nietzsches.
I feel as if it concealed innumerable mysteries--as if I were surrounded by the wraiths of old generations of Four Winds people peering at me through that gray veil.
Right: The Rolls-Royce Wraith 11:48 PM 29 November 2015
But, increasingly our cars -- particularly our less formal models Ghost and Wraith -- are bought by entrepreneurs and captains of industry.
Ian Wraith, 66, administered a sick global website that raked in nearly PS500,000 from hundreds of perverts.
Steve Wraith, from Gateshead attended the world premiere of Legend, the biopic about the Kray twins, starring Tom Hardy as both Ronnie and Reggie Kray.