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Airy and wraithlike as a sunshot cloud, her slender arms and feet outstretched, the Magdalen seems to be swimming in the sky, although she is lifted in a harness by earnest-faced cherubim.
Dery, who titled his edited collection of essays about the Internet Flame Wars (10) attributes flaming to "the wraithlike nature of electronic communication":
When the tunnel entrances were blown at Zero Hour on the morning of the assault, the infantry emerged wraithlike onto the battlefield with complete surprise.
The concluding stanza of "Testimony," to cite one of many memorable examples, extracts from its reconstitution of the cosmos an irony so comprehensive that it almost includes a note of consolation in its bitter dream of an encounter between wraithlike man and wraithlike God.
It is one of the more pernicious failings of even pious Catholics to think that Jesus lived in a wraithlike state, free from bodiliness.
Taking advantage of new astronomical instruments capable of detecting cosmic neutrinos, a team of researchers hopes to use these wraithlike particles from space as a planet-size CAT scanner for revealing Earth's inner structure.
It was dark beneath the trees, and on the hillside above us the thin, wraithlike wisps of mist seemed to be collecting among the twisted black trunks.
The 73-year-old filmmaker asserted that O'Toole, who had grown wraithlike in his later years because of years of hard drinking, was a very warm and wonderful person.
Jim Faure's wool-wrapped skulls trailing wraithlike fronds of fabric and ribbon were floating embodiments of the occult presences that haunt newer offshoots such as black and satanic metal.
The night kicked off with Graf f iti before the band launched into their new song Wraithlike, a track that was well received by the crowd.
The Back to College show is a one-off event and Maximo Park will be signing 250 copies of their new song Wraithlike at the show, the only copies which will be available in the UK.
An apparition quite similar to the Yoz had been seen in Wirral in the late 1950s, and was known as the Tranmere Terror, and curiously, around the time of the Yoz sightings in 1967, an ethereal wraithlike grinning face was seen after nightfall in the areas of Tranmere, Birkenhead and Rock Ferry.