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Prosecutor Paul Rowland said: "He was carrying a black belt wrapped around his right hand, with the buckle gangling loose.
Bloor, of Helme Lane, Meltham, had on him a small zip bag which he had wrapped around his privates.
The 34-year-old singer was pictured sitting on her beau's knee as the couple had their arms wrapped around each other, the Daily Mail reported.
A YOUNG cat with cable and insulating tape wrapped around its neck was tied to the gates of an animal rescue centre in the early hours of yesterday morning.
I can't be the only one whose pullout faucet hose gets wrapped around things under the sink.
A BLANKET which was wrapped around one of the survivors of the Titanic was among artefacts being auctioned today.
Leanne Gibson and Paul Richards, 35, had an agonising wait when little Anya was born by an emergency Caesarian after the umbilical cord became wrapped around her neck.
The fingers should never be wrapped around the trailing edge of the prop.
The game was broadcast live back to Iran and watched by millions, who could not fail to miss the green ribbons wrapped around players' wrists as they were wrapped around demonstrators' wrists in the streets
Pieces of a homemade bedsheet banner reading "President Obama , Victory '08," which had been stolen from the yard the night before, also were found, leading investigators to believe the banner had been wrapped around the cross before it was set afire.
Baby Jazzy has me wrapped around her teeny tiny baby finger.
Wrapped around lampposts and telegraph poles, the familiar Unikko pattern of gaudy abstract flowers cheers and enlivens the streetscape.