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She said: "When I was in my mum's tummy, the umbilical cord was wrapped round my legs which stopped the normal growth so my bones of my right leg are shorter and a bit thinner.
Anastasia Tutik, 19, had met fellow Mexican Miguel Ramos, 18, earlier at a party and had her legs wrapped round him when they fell from the sixth floor.
Treanor, senior, decided to keep the ball as a souvenir, and said: "Other supporters were trying to grab the ball from Oisin, but I had a tricolour which I wrapped round it and I said to my son, 'Let's get out of here.
Throughout, the paranoid schizophrenic keeps his right hand buried in his coat pocket, fingers wrapped round the blade that is to claim Wayne and Ian's lives.
No matter how driver-friendly the system is, I fear we will see more Mercedes wrapped round trees, pedestrians and cyclists.
A new map of the city is wrapped round a complete globe, as the must-have memento of a Mersey visit.
Why is it that suppliers - who are at least being entrepreneurial - get clobbered while users mainly get off with a hug and a blanket wrapped round their shoulders?
What name is given to raw pickled herring fillets wrapped round a pickle?
Which character, called the greatest ace pilot, fillets wrapped round a pickle?
The discounter already offers a three-bird roast featuring turkey, chicken and a duck joint wrapped round sage & onion stuffing.
London, Jul 8 (ANI): American model Holly Madison was photographed naked with chain wrapped round her body, as she posed at the bottom of the sea.
Dan Lynch found his Dachshund-Jack Russell-cross Keira in undergrowth with the wire noose wrapped round her neck.