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Images recently collected by NASA's Cassini spacecraft reveal another unusual feature: Instead of forming a single circle like Saturn's other rings, the F-ring is a spiraling structure that wraps around the planet several times.
Two types are available: one that can be directly applied to the skin and the other that wraps around the waist used in combination with a dedicated belt.
The harness wraps around the rescuer's torso and under the legs and the hoist line connects near the waist, leaving the upper body free.
Made from a soft, firm medical-grade foam with smooth surfaces, Elbowlift has an adjustable, well-padded hook-and-loop strap that wraps around the outside to keep it in place.
Three intakes dominate the grille area, the headlamps are integrated without also being separate design elements, and the windshield wraps around the A-pillar in recognition of Saab's aerospace roots.