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Ay, I will teach him to wreak my vengeance on the earth
On the contrary, he avoided their actual touch or the direct inhaling of their odors with a caution that impressed Giovanni most disagreeably; for the man's demeanor was that of one walking among malignant influences, such as savage beasts, or deadly snakes, or evil spirits, which, should he allow them one moment of license, would wreak upon him some terrible fatality.
Perchance if we hasten after them we may come in time to rescue Matai Shang, and wreak our own vengeance upon the black dator.
He doubted not that she had come to wreak her vengeance also, and to deal her blow like the rest.
In his little evil brain he sought for some excuse to wreak his hatred upon Tarzan.
It was in a state of mind superinduced by these conditions that La led forth her jabbering company to retrieve the sacred emblem of her high office and wreak vengeance upon the author of her wrongs.
Tarzan knew the Russian, in whose power they were, so well that he could not doubt but that the man, filled with rage that Jane had once escaped him, and knowing that Tarzan might be close upon his trail, would wreak without further loss of time whatever vengeance his polluted mind might be able to conceive.
It had been years since he had heard aught of the search for the little lost prince of England, and now that the period of his silence was drawing to a close, now that more and more often opportunities were opening up to him to wreak the last shred of his terrible vengeance, the very thought of being thwarted at the final moment staggered his comprehension.
They ran for the gates, to wreak dire vengeance upon the foolhardy perpetrator of the outrage; but they suddenly realized that they did not know which way to turn to find the foe.
It had gripped savagely hold of him and was about to wreak upon him some terrific hurt.
She wanted to see him wreak vengeance on this beast that had persecuted him so.
and wreak its divine thirst upon the immortal parts of the rarest and