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London: Heavy flooding across parts of Britain caused widespread road and rail disruption yesterday, wreaking havoc on Christmas travel plans while rescuers worked to evacuate people from the hardest-hit communities.
A JUDGE imposed a two-year curfew to confine a young troublemaker from wreaking havoc on his neighbours when he is released from prison.
Meanwhile, raging flood torrents, unleashed from two breaches in MS protective embankment, have entered Jati city of Thatta District after wreaking havoc in Sujawal.
Pocket Pistols has lately been wreaking havoc up on the graphics scene.
A mysterious creature is roaming the oceans, wreaking havoc on ships.
Whether it's an epidemic of missing adolescent boys, a stalker who might be Ellis's deceased father or one of his fictional creations, or a possessed Furby doll intent on wreaking havoc, the author's always compelling storytelling skills will keep you turning pages.
And though the spring came with a bumper crop of flowers and gorgeous greenery that have helped the region forget, the storms might not be done wreaking havoc on lives and property.
214), which discusses an "alien green alga that's currently wreaking havoc in the Mediterranean Sea.
Non-native species have been stealthily making their way into the lakes for many years, wreaking havoc on a fragile and delicately balanced ecosystem.
It's a concept that has received much publicity in Michigan, where the invasive emerald ash borer has been wreaking havoc on the local ash population.
If you choose to be an evil tyrant and amuse yourself by wreaking havoc on the people with lightning storms and decimate them with marauding creatures, you will rule by tear.
A spartame - the artificial sweetener used in products such as NutraSweet and Equal - is wreaking havoc on the health of America.