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THE grovelling TV apology by Stephen Byers' special adviser Jo Moore was gut- wrenchingly insincere.
A wrenchingly intimate look at how South Africa's postapartheid society has meted out compassion rather than rough justice--or "restoration instead of retribution," as TRC chairman Desmond Tutu has put it--the 94-minute film took 2 1/2 years and eight trips to the African nation to complete.
It was just that he reckoned, and this was something to do with biorhythms, that following six weeks plus of freedom, kids and teachers alike were so wrenchingly affected by the re-imposed discipline of school routine that the process of adjustment was unnecessarily painful.
Sadly, her character--whose doll-like young face in a giant close-up portrait is a recurring onstage motif--was wrenchingly deglamourized into an ancient, shuffling floozy who dies of fright in a portable bathtub.
5 Brothers(2009) Sheridan's wrenchingly powerful new film about two Irish American brothers, one a soldier and the other the black sheep of the family.
In an intense late-afternoon session, the three commissioners, along with dissenters Peter Sorenson and Bill Fleenor, grappled with the wrenchingly difficult decision of how best to protect county government and the citizens to whom it provides essential services, ranging from corrections to public health.
This is something no news network has conveyed as wrenchingly as has ``Over There.
As Brandon Teena--the young female-to-male transsexual who tried to live as a man in small-town Nebraska and who was killed for her trouble--Swank is wrenchingly believable.
Her husband, Oscar-winning filmmaker Ron Howard (who has scarcely made a movie as wrenchingly violent as portions of ``In the Face of Jinn''), says, ``I call her the Mom of Macabre.
But it is also wallet wrenchingly thirsty and as the speedo zips up, the fuel gauge rockets downwards.