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David Cameron and Nick Clegg have been dealt a major blow as Labour wrested control of large swathes of the country in the local elections.
125 and Yunus Emre's hymn 'Your love has wrested me away from me'.
Before the car traveled much over a football field in distance, Starr had wrested the gun from the assailant, later identified as John Toubell, and shot him in the chest, neck, and head, killing him.
Not only was the Iraqi city of 250,000 wrested from the control of insurgents, but U.
Richardson has since fired basketball coach Cliff Ellis and wrested away control of the Athletics Department from Director David Housel, who plans to retire in 2006.
Little does he know that she has been wrested from Surprise Valley, forced into a plural marriage, and is living with other "sealed wives" in a hidden village across the Arizona border.
Likewise, the European Union has also wrested concessions from China on the mobile phone business sector during bilateral trade negotiations on China's admission to the World Trade Organization.
In recent years, scholars have wrested away New Criticism's once-monopolized hold on John Donne's pervasively intellectual and self-referential wit, irony, paradox, and ambiguity, applying these features usefully to new historicist, Marxist, deconstructionist, feminist, and other readings.
Here, his works were installed in spaces wrested from an architectural complex where construction had been interrupted in the '30s, and which had been intended to accommodate the faithful visiting the adjacent Scala Santa, or holy staircase, one of the most popular Christian sites in Rome.
Archaeologists worked quickly over the next two days and found that the foot was connected to the crushed, contorted skeleton of a woman whose remains may help clear up how the Israelites wrested control of the city from the Phoenicians around 3,000 years ago.