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He had lived so wretchedly and was so neglected, with his gipsy colour and his wild black hair and beard, that I should have considered him the commonest of the common.
I am grown wretchedly thin, I know; but I will not pain you by describing my anxiety; you have seen enough of it.
They are such wretchedly small, vain, egotistical, COMMONPLACE people
This afternoon the helplessness was more wretchedly benumbing than ever: she longed for objects who could be dear to her, and to whom she could be dear.
Her letter announced that she was "getting on wretchedly with her studies (which she hated); she found the masters appointed to instruct her ugly and disagreeable (and loathed the sight of them); she had taken a dislike to Miss Ladd
The good woman's report described him, with malicious pleasure, as looking wretchedly ill.
A man of a meaner and harder nature would have felt suspicions of his wife's motives when she asked him to buy poison--would have seen through the wretchedly commonplace excuses she made for wanting it--and would have wisely and cruelly said, 'No.
Alleyne, wretchedly ill and weak, with his head still ringing from the blow which he had received, crawled up upon deck, Water-swept and aslant, it was preferable to the noisome, rat-haunted dungeons which served as cabins.
In face of the facts that modern man lives more wretchedly than the cave-man, and that his producing power is a thousand times greater than that of the cave-man, no other conclusion is possible than that the capitalist class has mismanaged, that you have mismanaged, my masters, that you have criminally and selfishly mismanaged.
What, it may naturally be asked, was the character of the vegetation at that period; was the country as wretchedly sterile as it now is?
There was no wind, and as the boat was wretchedly equipped, we could pull but two oars on one side, and one on the other.
Though that seems wretchedly prejudiced-- does it not?