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Wringer features four adjustable settings for desired mop dampness
STAN DIXON, Thornaby Wash day trials of the days before machines MY grandmother had one of the wash tubs and rolling wringers that you put your washing through on the washing day.
Also, Najran put league leader Al-Ittihad through the wringer before Ittihad won, 3-2, in the seventh round.
The story's emotional cliffhanger puts the listener through the wringer.
Mildred Pierce (1945): Noir soap opera with Joan Crawford (near right, with and Ann Blyth, who played her daughter) going through the wringer as a hard-working divorcee.
An engaging story for readers of all ages, Hot Sand and Horny Toads vividly illustrates daily life of over half a century ago, from the wildlife of the desert to operating a wringer washing machine to the three party telephone line.
The pawn shop owner agreed to trade a wringer washer for the rifle.
The ergonomic wringer is utilized to combat Repetitive Strain Injuries, minimize bending, reduce fatigue, and decrease stress and strain on back, shoulders, and hands.
Even so, students are placed through a wringer in which they must dedicate two months of study, paying thousands of dollars for preparation courses, all under the absurd presumption that their "competence" is being tested.
The competitive wringer of the past few years has meant that only efficient and well-capitalized operators have been able to stay in the wire chopping sector.
She said she spends a lot of time putting potential items through the wringer at her home.