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Was it not Delors who urged his fellow Europeans to stop wringing their hands over the challenge of globalization and to meet it head on?
As ordinary citizens wring their hands over global warming from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, scientists are wringing new chemical insights from the usually gaseous compound.
For example, if your friend is telling you she's OK about flunking her history exam but is wringing her hands, it's a sign that she really might be bugged.
Wringing wipers by hand is a simple, economical means of preventing significant amounts of solvent from the environment but, unfortunately, it was not specified as a requirement in EPA's proposed rule.
It's progress that the world has denounced the genocide without waiting the customary 10 years before wringing its hands in regret.
Instead of wringing our hands or rejoicing in the popularity of a few TV shows, we should all be out there, reminding relatives, friends, and coworkers that we're still here; we haven't changed.
I know she had many sleepless nights, but she wasted no daylight wringing her hands and wondering why.
it is pragmatic architecture that is being generated opportunistically by wringing the maximum potential from the ordinary.
There is much hand wringing about education these days, as there should be.
November 8 were wringing their hands over a wimpy final election story spitting out of the presses.
As she stood upright she swiftly put it out of its misery by wringing its neck with both hands.
She suggests training staff to redirect a resident appropriately and to identify nonverbal cues, such as pulling on pants, wringing hands, or moaning.