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We have always stood with the people but we do not believe in wringing hands or pointing fingers--we believe the people of Africa can succeed and are succeeding.
A flaming June was promised but this year it must have been a time of wringing hands in despair for retailers with racks of summer wear to sell at a time when temperatures were, at times, more akin to autumn.
That Bees lost 68-16, though - their record defeat in league rugby - has the doom merchants wringing hands and wailing relegation.
24) Biting the lip, touching the nose or the back of the neck, jiggling a foot or leg, tugging at ears, or wringing hands often are misunderstood as evincing mendacity when, in fact, these merely reflect the assuagement of tension or nervousness.
Or wringing hands over the suffering of middle class parents who must educate their children.
And while this might not be the time for wringing hands, it is a good time to be pointing fingers.
She suggests training staff to redirect a resident appropriately and to identify nonverbal cues, such as pulling on pants, wringing hands, or moaning.
At a point, wringing hands and moralizing is not an asset but an impediment.