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Worms breathe through their skin, and their skin needs to be moist; good air circulation and a bedding of moistened, but not wringing wet newspaper strips for bedding are recommended.
I saw kids who looked five stone wringing wet passing it and moving it.
THE Spring bank holiday break is set to be a wringing wet WASHOUT for most of Britain.
The signs were there that the players were there for each other and afterwards they took off wringing wet shirts full of sweat and feeling great.
Extreme humidity makes life difficult for the Europeans, whose shirts and towels are always wringing wet after a few holes, but Harrington has shown he can cope as has his principal market rival Miguel Angel Jimenez, who is used to the heat down in Malaga.
And not just because he stands 5ft 8ins tall and weighs in at 10 stone 8lbs wringing wet.
DICKY Owen may have only been 5ft 3in in his rugby boots and barely 9st wringing wet but on the playing field he was a giant.
If I had a teenager or child coming home wringing wet I would certainly want to know what had happened and would certainly see that they didn't do it again.
Blondin was wringing wet with sweat, almost done in.
Art obviously pervades this guy's life twenty-four hours a day, seeping even into the nightly antics taking place in the teeming attic of his head - dreams of both the wringing wet and the bone-dry varieties.