writ of mandate

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writ of mandate (mandamus)

n. a court order to a government agency, including another court, to follow the law by correcting its prior actions or ceasing illegal acts.

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Since County officials refused to follow the legally required competitive bidding rules, AHF officials were forced to file suit in state court seeking a writ of mandate.
In addition to requesting the advisory be withdrawn, CGA requested the Court immediately issue an alternative writ of mandate that stays the effectiveness of the advisory pending a final ruling by the Court.
BS121665) and sought a writ of mandate "compelling the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to discharge its duty to combat an acknowledged epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases stemming from production of hardcore pornography in Los Angeles County.
According to the Verified Petition for Writ of Mandate and Injunction filed February 3rd in Los Angeles Superior Court Case No.
After the July 9 continuance, Peterson filed a writ of mandate with the state appellate court asking them to stop the trial.
B222979) by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) of an AHF legal action which sought a writ of mandate compelling Los Angeles County to take reasonable steps to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, in the adult film industry, AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced that it will file a petition for review with the Supreme Court of California.
A copy of the Petitioners' Combined Reply Brief in Support of Motion for Issuance of Peremptory Writ of Mandate, together with the original lawsuit and news releases, are available on the San Francisco City Attorney's Web site at http://www.
Hunt uses that term in his legal filing, saying the decision was ``arbitrary, capricious and constituted a prejudicial abuse of discretion and should be set aside and invalidated by the issuance of a writ of mandate.
LOS ANGELES -- The law firm of Roxborough, Pomerance, Nye and Adreani, LLP (RPNA) filed a lawsuit yesterday against the Los Angeles City Council, City of Los Angeles, and Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners, seeking a writ of mandate to compel the Defendants to award Ready Golf Centers (Ready Golf) the golf cart concession at Los Angeles' public golf courses.
When you get a writ of mandate you are under obligation to file a return to the court (saying) we are going to appeal or here is what we did to comply,'' City Attorney Mark Sellers said Monday.
The verified petition for writ of mandate and complaint was filed at the Sacramento County Courthouse for violation of the California Public Records Act, seeking declaratory and injunctive relief.