writ of summons

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12) However, taking into consideration that after the writ of summons instituting legal proceedings, the criminal prosecution bodies have the legal obligation to search and collect data or information referring to the existence of the crime and to the identification of the persons who have committed the crimes, we may say that the beginning moment of the criminal prosecution is established in the exact moment of notifying that a crime has been committed.
We needed to serve him with our writ of summons, which, by law, we had to hand to him in person.
In a writ of summons filed this week, ABSA argued that the government was liable on the basis of breach of collateral warranty for the payment of $74,394,060.
On Dec 5, the publisher filed a writ of summons in the Kuala Lumpur High Court to seek a declaration on the use of the word.
There is a plea in the writ of summons for an injunction and costs,' he said.
Edward should immediately get back from his nuptials and apply for the Writ of Summons.
Then you expect them to know that a writ of summons usually begins a civil action.
The plaintiff, who unless an individual must act through a solicitor, commences proceedings by issuing a writ of summons, which need only recite the plaintiff's claim in summary form.
TSX: KDX) ("Klondex") announced today that is has been made aware of a Writ of Summons and Statement of Claim filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada by Paramount Gold and Silver Corp.
The court has already allowed their Nigerian partners - Global Secure Currency to send the writ of summons to Reserve Bank and its units.
It also contained a Writ of Summons revealing discussions about making Lord Byron a Baron of the Realm and his claim as being the rightful heir to the title.
Even if the measure was passed, peers would be able to petition the Lords because they were appointed on the basis of a writ of summons, he suggested.