write down

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We will in total write down 80 percent, that means that we will write down about another EUR100m,' said Cernko.
If you write down a goal, your eyes clearly see it on the paper, and your brain registers exactly what you want to do.
JHM expects to record further write downs against its mortgage servicing portfolio as a result of first quarter 1994 prepayments.
Global Banking News-11 February 2009-Erste to write down goodwill on units(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
The (starters') names I write down and erase, and write down and erase, they look as good to me as the guys we're competing against,'' manager Jim Tracy said confidently Wednesday.
a) Includes provision for write down of property of $413.
16) The Court reasoned that hard evidence of actual sales and records of actual dispositions must be kept, since if the "taxpayer could write down its inventories on the basis of management's subjective estimates of the goods' ultimate salability, the taxpayer would be able .