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They say they have to write tickets or, if they don't, things will only get worse for them and the operators.
Inzer attributed that to budget cutbacks in law enforcement that have led to fewer officers on the road, other priorities for budget-strapped police, officers reluctant to write tickets that carry high fines and writing warnings or lesser offenses instead, and a greater number of people who don't pay tickets, even though it leads to license suspensions.
But once July 1 hits, CHP officials said, officers can decide whether to write tickets or issue warnings instead.
Protagonist drivers flex their mechanical muscle by revving oversize V-8 engines and burning rubber or gliding along in chrome and tail-finned behemoths, as uniformed antagonists write tickets for tire smoking and drag racing.
Eventually, the same police who decided by social compact that they wouldn't penalize folks who drove 56 mph now decide they won't write tickets under the new 65 mph speed limit unless you're actually traveling 72 mph.
Former homicide detective Justin Westwood is still dealing with his personal demons even though he has run away to the small town of East End, New York, where he does nothing more than direct traffic and write tickets.