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My worksheet expresses profits (economic income) as a percentage of standard fees, viewing write-downs as a cost-management indicator.
15) There, the Court disallowed the write-down because the taxpayer provided no objective evidence of the reduced value of its "excess" inventory.
Mortgage and leveraged finance-related write-downs in our FICC (fixed income, currencies & commodities) business depressed our financial performance for the quarter,'' said Stan O'Neal, chairman and chief executive officer, in a statement.
a) During the current quarter, the Company recorded restructuring costs aggregating $24 million, principally related to the write-down of certain surplus or underutilized assets of the Company's automotive and wallcoverings businesses and to provide for the obsolescence of certain manufacturing processes as a result of shifts in customer demand.
Despite higher revenue, a write-down of our Victorville property resulted in a loss for the quarter," Victor Zaccaglin, chairman and chief executive officer.
The large write-downs taken within the "held for sale" portfolio should permit sales transactions to occur without the need for additional valuation adjustments.
Class MF-2 has already taken some write-downs and has currently $5,156,298 of principal remaining.
The Company took a further write-down on inventory of $2.
5 million in impairment of terminals and PIN inventory write-downs during the second quarter of 2005, decreased to (9.
NYSE: CYM) today announced write-downs of certain assets, provisions for associated liabilities, and the recording of various other charges totalling $415 million.
This action follows Alexander & Alexander's announcement of a fourth quarter after- tax charge against earnings of $48 million for restructuring and asset write-downs, producing a net loss for the year.