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The police have given the NSG's new initiative their backing because they know that every year thousands of unrecorded write-offs go back on the road and that the identities of total-loss vehicles are often used to ring stolen cars.
Excluding restructuring costs and the write-off of goodwill, operating income was $20.
competitive and/or economic conditions in our markets which may require us to close certain clinics and thereby incur closure costs and losses including the possible write-off or write-down of goodwill;
CHICAGO, March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Duff & Phelps reaffirms the ratings of eight asset-backed issues that were the subject of greater than expected write-offs.
The write-off of Format represents the company's decision to focus its corporate information products business on the Personal Access family of end-user data access and reporting tools.
The write-off, with the exception of a potential expenditure of up to $10m in cash over the next two years, is a non-cash write-off.
In summary, while we are disappointed by the possible need for FoxMeyer to take a one-time charge, we believe that, after consideration of reclamation claims, recoveries and tax benefits, the eventual write-off will not have a materially adverse impact on the corporation.
The write-off will be recorded in the fiscal fourth
E[acute accent]--SUV Purchase: If you're one of millions of Americans who purchased a sports utility vehicle (or any vehicle over 6,000 pounds) before October 23, 2004, and you use it at least half the time solely for business purposes, you can write-off as much as $102,000 on your 2004 return.
Negotiating with its lending banks, two of three banks verbally approved proposal; Appeals NASDAQ delisting and is awaiting panel's ruling; Dan Purjes enters a voting agreement with the Company; Expects write-off
The net charges relate to the write-off of the remaining value of the company's 49 percent equity investment in Alps Mapping Co.
As of now, Hanaro expects the total write-off of network/terminal equipment during this year to be in the range of KRW 21~25 billion, and these figures are well within the Company's estimation and have been provided in its budget for this year.