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Perlmutter used PET scans, which highlight areas of increased blood flow, to gauge brain activity in six people, aged 24 to 72, suffering from writer's cramp in the right hand.
Although dystonia is a widespread disorder, covering everything from writer's cramp and involuntary blinks to affecting every part of the body,it is one of the least known.
The highlighter-pen crew have got writer's cramp colouring in their form books about the Pontefract race because not only did runner-up Broadway Score come out and win the ultra-competitive Rosebery Handicap on Saturday but the third Dutch Gold also went close in the Easter Stakes.
Chief Insp Mike Slater, of Rugby police, said: "She told me she got writer's cramp going down one road because of all the tickets she was issuing.
I'm recovering from writer's cramp after sending out hundreds of letters to all the football academies in England, plus the managers of League clubs outside the Premiership, asking them to tip me off about any good young kids with a streak of Tartan.
DAVE Jones expects to get writer's cramp if Wolves make it to the Premiership.
Disgusted" of Solihull and "Appalled" of Stourbridge must be getting writer's cramp from penning so many protest letters.
Like many of us, he has his fair share of problems -- a Broken Heart, Butterflies in the Stomach and Writer's Cramp -- to name a few.
It's known as writer's cramp but it also affects surgeons, bagpipers and violinists.
They don't want to give the monarch writer's cramp.