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and the old hag writhed in ghastly merriment on the ground.
He writhed under the jokes, practical and otherwise, which were perpetually made at his expense, and yet never ceased, it seemed wilfully, to expose himself to them.
His small eyes glowed and burned with a sombre light, and his thick lips were writhed back from his teeth, which grinned and chattered at us with a half animal fury.
A DEATH Row inmate writhed in agony yesterday during a botched lethal injection execution which took 40minutes to kill him.
Clayton Lockett, 38, writhed, clenched his teeth and appeared to struggle against restraints holding him to a gurney before Oklahoma prison officials halted the execution.
Summary: Thousands writhed together in one techni-coloured mob during celebrations of the colourful Indian festival Holi.
London, Nov 9 ( ANI ): Ke$ha seemed to be the object of desire for both men and women, as she writhed around half naked and took part in an orgy in her latest music video.
But he went down and writhed around and then rolled over a few times and then writhed around a bit more.
The landing hurt - it was a long way down - but I remember how Clerc had writhed around in the semi-final after my tackle, trying to influence the referee, and how unimpressed I had been at that.
The arrival of two Visayan tarictic hornbill chicks and a writhed hornbill chick mark significant breeding successes for the zoo.
Jerbean Gilkes, as the one who becomes "possessed," writhed on the ground and then stood on a table, vibrating his whole body.
OXNARD -- Josh Harrison writhed in pain on John Reardon Field following a punishing second-quarter hit.