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The female writhed hornbill spent 123 days in her nest box.
She swung round a pole, sank to her knees and writhed around in a suggestive dance.
And she writhed on the ground in despair, only her pain kept her from fainting.
Set to a New Age-y soundscape, dancers writhed, convulsed, and behaved as if they were diseased, an effect underscored by their sickly green unitards.
Madonna, the spunky little sexpot who grabbed our attention 20 years ago as she writhed seductively in a gondola and sang ``Like a Virgin.
Builder Matt, 17, tried to pull it out as he writhed in agony.
and they writhed, struggled to stand, and walked upstage like a 12-legged monster.
This year's slicker show was staged in a mock disco with a dance floor, VIP lounges and big bubbling tubs of water where drenched French wenches writhed in soggy string bikinis.
The Dirrty singer lit up the catwalk yesterday as she writhed around in this stunning Wild West-style leather dress.