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of Analgesic Effect = 100 - No of writhes in the test animals / No of writhes in control animal x 100
With regard to writhing test in mice, the number of writhes has been reduced significantly from 51.
One way ANOVA studies in acetic acid induced writhing test displayed a significant fall in the no of writhes by MeOV at doses 15 and 30 mg/kg as compared to saline.
Her S&M hit video, in which she writhes in white latex and simulates sex with a lifesize doll, was banned in 11 nations.
And she's certainly good at getting herself in a twist as she writhes about half-naked on stage.
Gwynnie frolicks naked in the waves and writhes about in bed with co-star Daniel Craig, so we're sure the Coldplay singer can hardly wait.
The Nature article presents photos that illustrate the reason for that uniformity: A rare lefty in a right-spiraling species closely related to Euhadra writhes heroically but fails to mate with a partner with the majority spiral.
Data represent the average of the total number of writhes observed at 5-min intervals and are expressed as percentage inhibition.
Atherton, the youngest artist in the show (and the only female), brought together Gothic sensibilities, heavy-metal/sci-fi fantasy, and highschool diorama in a piece constructed inside an old glass cabinet: In a frozen wilderness, a buxom nude woman writhes at the end of a chain binding her to a tree stump, while a hawk, actually made from turkey feathers, perches ominously on the cabinet.
A similar linking of anguish and desire occupies the next lines, as the body is no longer simply trod upon by desire but writhes in response:
23, 2000) reports, was "stuck between a woman who writhes seductively in front of burning crosses and grabs herself in embarrassing places and a man whose most famous [pornographic] Web site offers access .
Tattoo is, in fact, so inventive that at times it runs close to being dominated by the visual displays: a lubricant goo that dancer Carla Barragan paints on the stage becomes a slick rink on which she writhes and slides; a sand curtain is virtually mesmerizing.