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Her S&M hit video, in which she writhes in white latex and simulates sex with a lifesize doll, was banned in 11 nations.
He even pulls down his trousers and writhes on top of her.
Angst writhes through her tone, along with dejection, rejection, frustration and humiliation.
Described by its architect as a 'coralline concretion', it writhes and heaves like a blanched, beached sea creature along the water's edge.
Photo: (1 -- color) Lakers guard Kobe Bryant writhes in pain after severely spraining his ankle Thursday night against the Cavaliers.
And she's certainly good at getting herself in a twist as she writhes about half-naked on stage.
Gwynnie frolicks naked in the waves and writhes about in bed with co-star Daniel Craig, so we're sure the Coldplay singer can hardly wait.
The Nature article presents photos that illustrate the reason for that uniformity: A rare lefty in a right-spiraling species closely related to Euhadra writhes heroically but fails to mate with a partner with the majority spiral.
Data represent the average of the total number of writhes observed at 5-min intervals and are expressed as percentage inhibition.