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After taking five minutes for them to work in groups, have a few people talk about why these teachers had such a lasting (positive or negative) impact on their lives, writing down important themes on a marker board or overhead projector.
A banking institution may reduce an ATRR when notified by the Board or, at any time, by writing down such amount of the international asset for which the ATRR was established.
Writing down thoughts and following the booklet, Mizuki said, will keep participants on ``the same page'' and will help clarify the Scriptures to be presented each Sunday.
In the last chapter, readers are advised to carefully examine their lives by writing down their wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses.
It's an intriguing statement coming from the woman who, in her landmark 1986 guide, Writing Down the Bones, exhorted everyone to get out their notebooks and write their way to creative fulfillment.