written authorization

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Tender documents will be handed to persons only upon presenting a written authorization together with the seal of the company for nonrefundable tender fees $ 100.
The order stated that the channel was barred "because it is a channel funded by the Palestinian Authority and is operating in Israel without the proper written authorization to do so.
The delegation will have a written authorization from all tribal sheikhs, "but no political personalities are there", the source added.
According to the report, a couple of school districts in Texas have been given written authorization to allow guns in schools.
The county could not pay a financial incentive for the destruction of coyotes without first receiving written authorization from MNR and a written agreement with the property owner.
The justice department said in a statement that a criminal information was filed charging Kue Sang Chun, 66, of Avon Lake, Ohio, "with one count of exporting defense articles on the US Munitions List without first obtaining an export license or written authorization from the US Department of State, and one count of knowingly making and subscribing a false US individual income tax return.
Under the revised authorization requirements, parents or guardians wishing to allow a student to carry and self-administer asthma medication in school must submit: (1) parents' or guardians' written authorization for the self-administration of medication, and (2) the prescription label containing the name of the medication, prescribed dosage, and a description of when the medication is to be administered.
The recent vote simply eliminates the written authorization requirement.
The expansion of Rule 163 would impose three requirements: First, the underwriter or dealer must receive written authorization from the WKSI before making any communication on its behalf; second, the issuer must authorize or approve any written or oral communication by the underwriter or dealer before it is made; and third, any authorized dealer that makes a communication on behalf of the issuer in reliance on Rule 163 must be identified in the prospectus filed in connection with the corresponding securities offering.
You agree that you shall not republish or redistribute in any medium any information on the GeoInvesting website without our express written authorization.
Voting privileges are accorded to the chairman of a Board of Selectmen, chairman of a county commission, or mayor, unless the official sends a written authorization for a representative to vote on his or her behalf.
Prior authorization may be given verbally, but written authorization is preferred for the purpose of documenting the decision.