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In every case, you should insist on a guarantee from the seller in the form of a written certificate and, where possible, one that quotes a gem's position on an official tanzanite quality grading scale such as that used for diamonds covering the three "Cs": colour, clarity and cut.
The provided services also provide transportation trainers, providing necessary teaching learning materials and implementation of the final evaluation interview and a written certificate.
A young southern registrant with the name George described the process as "smooth", adding that people were only required to produce their passport or a written certificate from the UNHCR.
In order to receive benefits, the employee must receive a written certificate from one or more licensed and practicing physicians that are appointed by or are acceptable to the retirement system for purposes of disability evaluation.
The MP noted that based on inspection commission was written certificate, which will be announced tomorrow at the parliamentary hearings.
You will get a written certificate to turn in to the bankruptcy court.
New York City time, today, Tuesday, July 17, 2007, their bank or broker must electronically transfer their shares to the DTC account of Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company, Oakmont's stock transfer agent, and provide Continental Stock Transfer necessary stock powers, written instructions that they want to convert their shares into a pro rata share of the trust account and a written certificate addressed to Continental Stock Transfer.
Replacing the requirement for a written certificate to accompany each donation with a more flexible and simpler gift aid declaration covering all future gifts to a particular charity.
Verification must be in the form of a written certificate that contains the name of each employee who has been trained, the dates the training took place and the subjects covered in that training.
212) 845-3287; and (b) provide to Continental, along with the stock certificate and stock power, a written certificate addressed to Ardent and signed by the Converting Stockholder to the effect that: (i) the Converting Stockholder was a holder of record as January 31, 2007 for purposes of the special meeting of stockholders, (ii) the Converting Stockholder has held the shares the Converting Stockholder seeks to convert since January 31, 2007, (iii) the Converting Stockholder will continue to hold the shares through the closing date of the acquisition, and (iv) the Converting Stockholder wishes to convert his shares into a pro rata share of the trust account.
For someone to be registered at a particular center, he or she must be a southern Sudanese national of 18 years and above but should be in possession of a written certificate or document issued by a Sudanese authority, which proves identity.
Town meeting members who are seeking re-election can file a written certificate with the town clerk by March 11 or submit nomination papers by March 18.