written constitution

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The answer is a written constitution, protecting, ensuring the preservation of every social achievement, service, facility or amenity beneficial to long standing English citizens who have decided emphatically that this country is now their home and where they want to stay.
LABOUR leadership contender Yvette Cooper set out her vision for stronger links with Wales calling for a written constitution to replace a settlement which was "strained at the seams".
The LSE Constitution UK project, which gives people a chance to help draft the country's first formal, written constitution, has also attracted a number of votes for the formal separation of church and state in the United Kingdom.
We now have a great opportunity to completely revamp our political system - starting with 'devo max' for Scotland, local and national voting reform, a written constitution and a review of the role of the House of Lords.
This new UK will have a written constitution and bill of rights enshrined in British law, written in ordinary English that students can learn at school and immigrants can read when they settle here.
He stated Supreme Court has demonstrated its determination to preserve and protect our written Constitution, thereby protecting and promoting democracy and good governance in Pakistan.
EVERY so often there are demands to "do something" about the United Kingdom's lack of a written constitution.
It would be the first written constitution for any part of the UK.
Spain's conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has argued that Catalonia cannot hold a referendum like Scotland because Spain, unlike Britain, has a written constitution that rules out such a move.
Replying another question , he said Iqbal's concept of state was not in favour of theological state neither a secular state but called it a spiritual democracy and the concept linked back to 'Pact of Medina' as it was the first written constitution in which ample space was given to the non muslims for full religious freedom without any fear of molestation, Javed Iqbal mentioned Iqbal 's will about Muharrum commemoration , that although the way of beliefs of the Ahl-e-Sunaat wal Jammat is correct rationally but side by side he stressed on who does not pay respect to the ahl-e-Bait, he does not deserve to be called as muslim.
OUR First Minister wants Wales a concretedr into a Tory-dominated y rump of the United Kingdom with a written constitution.
The Tribe, consisting of nearly 6,000 Native American tribal members, is organized under a written constitution and bylaws adopted in 1936.