written contract

References in classic literature ?
I mean by a written contract signed by both man and woman, and by all the witnesses present, which all the laws of Europe would decree to be valid.
But recollecting what he had said of marrying them by a written contract, which I knew he would stand to, I returned it back upon him, and told him I granted all that he had said to be just, and on his part very kind; that I would discourse with the men upon the point now, when I came to them; and I knew no reason why they should scruple to let him marry them all, which I knew well enough would be granted to be as authentic and valid in England as if they were married by one of our own clergymen.
To ease your mind, mademoiselle, I am willing to make a written contract for a year; at that rate, too, to put your heart at ease.
No Commitment Of Any Kind, Contractual Or Otherwise Shall Exist Unless And Until A Formal Written Contract Has Been Executed By Or On Behalf Of The Institute.
MICHEL Platini's chances of escaping a lengthy ban from Fifa's ethics committee appear to have diminished after it emerged no written contract for the PS1.
In such cases you have to prove otherwise, demonstrating that there is either a written contract or some other evidence to support your claim.
A I do not always have an official written contract, but I do always try to make sure that I have a detailed agreement, in writing, before I start a project.
Unfortunately, there is no written contract agreement signed between employees and sponsor.
HOMEOWNERS who fear being ripped off by their builder should insist on a written contract, says the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).
All FMB members can provide their customers with a free written contract as standard and can also offer a warranty on their work once it's completed.
Unfortunately, working set shifts for a regular period does not result in the entitlement to continue to work those set days, unless these days are part of a written contract such as an employment contract or a written agreement with a manager who is authorised to agree to set shifts.
Administration of Secretariat told that when they give the canteen on contract they do written contract and on complaints administration take actions against malfunctions.