written permission

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If a CPA uses an external service provider (separate legal entity) to process confidential information such as tax returns, will written permission from the client be required?
The initiative would bar public-employee unions from spending their members' dues for political purposes unless the workers give written permission annually.
Unauthorized use of information or images: Before we print a student's phone number or address in any document, such as a swap list, we need written permission from the parent or guardian.
He recommended Bishop Buckle and gave him written permission (to officiate).
August 25, 2003, was the deadline for eliminating the "Prior Business Relationship" standard, replacing it with rules that required faxers to get written permission from consumers and businesses before sending solicitations.
The Board urges every coach to get written permission from all schools involved before copying film.
In accordance with Web protocol, we request that you contact us for written permission prior to publishing the link.
An elementary school counselor is frustrated because his principal insists that the counselor obtain written permission from a student's parent or guardian before having a counseling session with the student.
Until last year, North Dakota required express written permission to sell customer information.
When the couple checked in with their two children at New Jersey's Newark International Airport for a July trip to Mexico, Continental Airlines employees told them that they needed written permission from the children's fathers to enter the country.
The use of information are not intended to provide medical advice Healthletter for commercial purposes is prohibited without written permission from CSPI.
Before we posted our 640 acres for hunting by written permission only, those hordes ran herds of deer this way and that but didn't seem to kill many.