written pledge

See: covenant
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The agency filed a complaint against the shop owner for violating the law on the protection of animals and acquired a written pledge for him to give up his rights to the animals.
The MP has been placed under a written pledge not to leave the country.
They signed a written pledge that the teen will not engage in behavior that could endanger his life and the life of others again," it said.
Applicants must submit a written pledge to uphold national laws and regulations for the protection of marine resources, avoid using illegal fishing gear and pay application fees.
The convict has given a written pledge not to repeat the crimes that he had committed and has been temporarily released," said the statement, quoting an unnamed official.
The women who spearheaded the failed plot included a 19-year-old whose written pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State group was found by police, a security official said yesterday.
The government demanded a written pledge from the Huthi Shiite rebels and their allies recognising an April 2015 UN Security Council resolution calling for their withdrawal from the capital and other territories they have overran since 2014, as well as the legitimacy of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi.
It should be recalled that the newspaper received a written pledge from the police to protect the striking journalists and their belongings throughout the strike period.
In line with the new rule, refugees seeking to renew their residencies for this year must provide the General Security with a written pledge not to work; a fee of $200; a copy of their UNHCR registration document; a housing pledge, which typically requires a notarized declaration from a mukhtar; and valid ID.
Al-Ayyam reported in this regard that Adnan insisted on receiving a written pledge insuring that he will be released and never be held again under administrative detention.
They explained that Daash imposes on those who want to travel, an advances written pledge to return after a period not more than one month, adding that "who fails to return will be called by Daash a fugitive and all his property be confiscated.
A collateral agreement is a written pledge by a party--usually the guarantor operating as a pledgor--made to another party--generally the distributor operating as the beneficiary--to identify, establish and maintain the specifically-identified collateral as more generally referenced in the guaranty as well as to provide for uninterrupted reach by the beneficiary to the collateral in the event of a default under the terms of the guaranty.